Organic Pullulan Capsule Nop Certified Pure Natural Sourced

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Organic Pullulan capsule (FDA DMF number: 035621)

NOP Organic certified
Pure natural organic vegetable source
Excellent oxygen barrier properties and appearance
For Organic, Natural, Healthy , Vegetarian Supplement
Comparing with gelatin or HPMC films, Pullulan film is the best barrier for oxygen.
Similar experiments also show pullulan film is the best moisture barrier.

Size: 000# – 4#

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Filling capacity

Size #000 is our largest capsule and its filling capacity is 1.35ml.  Size #4 is our smallest capsule and its filling capacity is 0.21ml.  The filling capacity for different size of capsules is depends on the density of capsule contents.  When the density is bigger and the powder is finer, the filling capacity is larger.  When the density is smaller and the powder is bigger, filling capacity is smaller. The most popular size in global is #0, for example, if the specific gravity is 1g/cc, the filling capacity is 680mg.  If the specific gravity is 0.8g/cc, the filling capacity is 544mg.  Best filling capacity requires suitable capsule size in order to perform smoothly during filling process.
The Capsule Filling Capacity table is shown as below.
If filling too much powder, it will let capsule become un-locked situation and content leakage.  Normally, many health foods contain compound powders, so their particles have different sizes.  Therefore, choosing specific gravity at 0.8g/cc as a filling capacity standard is much safer.

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Made from tapioca which is naturally fermented into pullulan, a starch-free vegetarian capsule, our organic Pullulan capsules speak to the needs of the most discerning consumers.
Our organic Pullulan capsules or "veggie caps" as they are often referred to are manufacture out of tapioca extract. The benefits of empty pullulan capsules are mainly how comfortable your customers or whoever is consuming the capsules are with which ever source they are consuming.
Our organic pullulan capsules offer a balance of performance within high output capsule manufacturing and clean label ingredients for health conscious manufacturers and consumers.

Raw material

Made from Pulllulan extracted from microbial fermentation of natural raw materials and appropriate minor ingredients. Pure organic natural plant source that meets requirement of organic, vegetarianism, Islam and Judaism.

Pullulan is an edible, bland and tasteless polymer produced naturally by fungus Aureobasidium Pullulans and has been used as food additive in Japan for more than 40 years. NOP certified organic pullulan powder is produced by growing fungus Aureobasidium Pullulans on organic tapioca starch and organic sugar.
Chemically, pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consisting of maltotriose units having average molecular weight between 362 KDa and 480 KDa.
Pullulan is an FDA GRAS material and is listed in following as food and pharmaceutical ingredients:
EFSA & FDA a direct food additive.
EP, USP, JP, CP and IP as a pharmaceutical excipient.


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1.NOP Organic certified, meet the quest for organic health
2.Strong air barrier, low moisture and high toughness, effectively protect the content from oxidative deterioration.
3.Chemical Stability
YQ Pullulan capsules will not have an interaction with its content; chemical stability and no cross-linking reaction. No Maillard reaction. Strong stability and good compatibility.
4.Allergen Free, Preservative-Free, Taste masking, BSE/TSE Free, Odorless and tasteless.
5.Comparing with gelatin or HPMC films, Pullulan film is the best barrier for oxygen. 
Similar experiments also show pullulan film is the best moisture barrier.

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*NSF c-GMP, BRCGS, FDA, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, KOSHER, HALAL, DMF Registration, NOP Organic ( on the way)

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