• The difference between veggie capsules

    The difference between veggie capsules

    HPMC empty Capsule Lower moisture: It is right for stuffing which is easy to absorb moisture and/or react with moisture content. Longer shelf life 3-5 years. No cross linking reaction because of high stability. HPMC is a kind of vegetable cellulose which contains no amino acid. It is easy to be ...
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  • 10 minutes to know the difference between HPMC capsule and gelatin capsule

    10 minutes to know the difference between HPMC capsule and gelatin capsule

    (1)Raw materials The raw material of HPMC hollow capsule is mainly derived from pure natural plant fiber (pine tree), which is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. Gelatin hollow capsule is mainly derived from the collagen in animal skins and bones. In extraction process, a large amount ...
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  • The superiority and market prospect of plant hollow capsules

    The "poison capsule" incident that occurred in April last year made the public panic about the drugs (food) of all capsule preparations, and how to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the safety of capsule drugs (foods) has become an urgent problem to be consid...
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  • Plant capsule development momentum

    In the 1990s, Pfizer took the lead in developing and listing the world's first non-gelatin capsule shell product, the main raw material of which is the cellulose ester "hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose" from plants. Because this new type of capsule does not contain any ani...
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  • Application comparison of plant capsules and hollow capsules

    1. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is used as a pharmaceutical excipient, and is widely used as a tablet binder and cell coating agent. It is taken with many drugs and is safe and reliable. 2. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is chemically stable, does not react chemically wi...
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  • The difference and advantages of vegetable capsules and gelatin capsules

    Hard capsules are divided into gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules according to the different raw materials. Gelatin capsules are currently the most popular two-section capsules in the world. The main ingredient is high-quality medicinal gelatin. The vegetable capsul...
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  • Which Size Empty Capsules Are Right For You?

    The most common size capsule used for food supplements are 00 capsules. However there are a total of 10 standardised sizes. We stock the most common 8 sizes but do not stock as standard #00E and #0E which are "extended" versions of #00 and #0. We can source these by requ...
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