10 minutes to know the difference between HPMC capsule and gelatin capsule


(1)Raw materials

The raw material of HPMC hollow capsule is mainly derived from pure natural plant fiber (pine tree), which is environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.

Gelatin hollow capsule is mainly derived from the collagen in animal skins and bones. In extraction process, a large amount of chemical components are added, which is easy to introduce pathogenes of mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease, etc.,. In recent years, the “Poison Capsule” incident has exposed many problems of traditional gelatin capsules, such as the “blue leather glue” exposed by media, causing the chromium in the capsule to exceed the standard.

(2) Applicability & Chemical Stability

HPMC is a cellulose derivative with strong inertness, wide applicability, stable chemical properties, no cross-linking reaction with aldehyde-containing drugs, and no disintegration delay.

Lysine remains in the gelatin, When using gelatin in capsule, there will be disintegration delay phenomenon. The highly reductive drug content will have Maillard reaction with gelatin (Browning Reaction). If a drug containing aldehyde, reductive sugar-based chemical, or vitamin C, then it is not suitable for use in a gelatin hollow capsule.

(3) Water content

The water content of the gelatin hollow capsule is about 12.5% to 17.5%. The gelatin capsule with high water content tends to absorb the moisture of the drug content or be absorbed water by its filling content, making the capsule soft or brittle, affecting the filled drug itself.

The water content of the HPMC hollow capsule is about 3% to 9%, which will not react with the filling contents, and can maintain good physical properties such as toughness when filling drug contents of different properties, Especially suitable for hygroscopicity and filling of moisture sensitive drugs.

(4) Preservative residue

The main component of gelatin hollow capsule is protein, which is easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms. Preservatives and bacteriostatic agents, may be left in the capsule to prevent microbial growth during production. If the amount exceeds a certain range, the arsenic content may eventually be exceeded. At the same time, the gelatin hollow capsules need to be sterilized by ethylene oxide after the production completed, and there would be chlorohydrin after the ethylene oxide sterilization. While Chlorohydrin residues are prohibited from being used.

HPMC hollow capsules do not need to add any preservatives in the production process, do not need to be sterilized, can fully meet the national standards, and are healthy green capsules without any residual and preservatives.


(5) Storage

HPMC hollow capsules have loose storage conditions, at a temperature of 10 to 30 ° C, and a humidity of between 35% and 65%, which does not soften or harden and become brittle. The HPMC hollow capsule has a friability of ≤ 2% at a humidity of 35% and a capsule change of ≤ 1% at a temperature of 80 ° C; Storing and transporting in all climatic zones is no problem.

Gelatin capsules are prone to adhesion under high-humidity conditions; hardening or friability under low-humidity conditions, and have strong dependence on the temperature and humidity of the storage environment

(6)The environmentally friendly

The extraction of HPMC hollow capsule raw materials is carried out by physical extraction. It is extracted from pine tree and does not produce rotten stench. It also greatly reduces the amount of water used and reduces environmental pollution. No harmful substances are added during the process and there is no environmental pollution.

Gelatin hollow capsules are made of animal skin and bone as raw materials, which are chemically reacted and fermented. The process adds a large amount of chemical components, produces a large odor during the production process, and uses a large amount of water resources. Producing serious pollution; Also gelatin waste recycling is low, and a large amount of pollution sources are generated during disposal of its waste.

(7) Isolating contact with outside air

The raw material properties of HPMC hollow capsules determine that it can effectively isolate the contents from the outside world and avoid adverse effects with the air, and its shelf life is generally 24 months.

The gelatin capsule has an effective period of about 18 months, while there are also storage time before use makes the capsule have a shorter shelf life, which directly affects the shelf life of the drug.

(8) Inhibiting bacterial growth

The main raw material of HPMC hollow capsules is plant fiber, which not only not proliferate bacteria, but also inhibits bacterial growth. Experiments have shown that HPMC hollow capsules can be kept in the general environment for a long time, and the number of microorganisms can be kept under the standard range.

The main raw material of gelatin hollow capsule is collagen, and collagen is a bacterial culture medium, which helps the bacteria to multiply. If the treatment is improper, the number of bacteria will exceed the standard and will multiply.


Post time: Jul-28-2022
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