The difference between veggie capsules

胶囊 (10)

HPMC empty Capsule

Lower moisture: It is right for stuffing which is easy to absorb moisture and/or react with moisture content.

Longer shelf life 3-5 years.

No cross linking reaction because of high stability. HPMC is a kind of vegetable cellulose which contains no amino acid. It is easy to be disintegrated in short time to release the stuffing inside.

Organic Capsule (3)

Pullulan empty Capsule

Pullulan is a natural macromolecule material which made from corn starch or saccharide. The Pullulan capsule can be organic certified.

Glossy bright appearance which can compare to traditional gelatin capsule.

Because of low Oxygen transmission, Pullulan capsule provides powerful guarantee for extending the shelf time of encapsulated contents.


Starch empty Capsule

Starch capsule is a Two-Piece empty capsule made from Tapioca starch.100% Vegetarian.

High Thermal Stability.

No TSE/BSE risk. No cross linking reaction. Non-GMO.

Post time: Aug-01-2022
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